Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pre-Planning Day

So this week's focus is to lay the ground work for the rest of the project. Yesterday everyone brought in their concepts and I made the final call. Our animatic is also underway, you can see the rough version here.

For the backgrounds, Aaron had the idea of personifying the internet into settings associated with them:
 The story crew played around with a lot of fun internet puns I'm excited about. I'm looking forward to working on these scenes!

Anthony's character concepts: 

 We're going with his troll design for the 'bad idea'.  He will be somewhat ghostly and playful. I'd like to have pixels trail off from his tail as well.  This design captures the deviousness/playfulness I want him to have!

Background Designers:

 As the main character travels throughout the internet, we'll be needing characters that fit the settings.  I really like the variety going on here! The challenge will be having the designs all unify, something we'll work on tomorrow.

Combining elements I liked from the designs shown to me, I whipped up the final character and her avatar. (Katie's emphasis on the sweatshirt, Anthony's asymmetrical bangs):

Tomorrow is going to be a LOT of fun! It'll be our 'sweatbox' day.  Yes it'll be a lot of work- but don't let the name scare you!  All animators will come in with their assigned character (or chosen if they're doing multiple) and produce a quick, rough gesture (2-4 seconds).  I'm hoping we'll have time to do several, but I understand people may need to get used to the program.

I'll be giving a brief intro to the toonboom and tutorial on breaking down the characters so we have a cohesive style. 

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