Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scene List

These are the scenes descriptions.  Please check here to know what you are doing for each scene.  Do not hesitate to look at the animatic for reference!

  1. Typing, can be looped twice
  2. Steady walk cycle
  3. Monitor gesture that its time to leave. No dialogue, actions imply words
  4. Troll awakens on the screen
  5. The girl is pulled into the internet and awakens in photoshop
  6. She quits photoshop and chases troll to Facebook
  7. Facebook is the party with the duck face girls.
  8. The girl awkwardly backs away from Facebook
  9. She crosses the hallway to the email room
  10. Emails explode out of the room onto her. She picks up a paper that says she's a winner
  11. The girl runs down the hallway
  12. She chooses between the hallways and heads down the hallway NOT leading to Tumblr
  13. The new, better idea starts to trail behind her
  14. She gets to the next door. The idea is getting bigger. The girl then opens the door.
  15. The girl enters the Deviant Art room, she goes through it and finally notices the good idea.
  16. The girl has a moment with the good idea. But then the shadow looms as the good idea sees the bad idea behind her.
  17. The bad idea eats her.
  18. The girl wakes up on the computer screen, draws the good idea on the computer and leaves. We see the good idea.

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