Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday 10.4.12 Recap

After a bit of discussion this morning, we’ve organized the crew into their various assignments.  For more details about jobs, please see the below post.

Regarding the project idea, it is ambitious of us, as a production team, to create a one to two minute animation in four or so weeks.  So, our director, Emma, has hopes to at least create a glorified animatic, but to aim for higher.  It would be particularly keen to have the key story moments finished and animated for a better execution.

Animators, we want you to be familiar with the characters.  So please warm up your animation and we’ll talk later about the final style for the characters.  That way it will sort of have an evolution from beginning sketches, concept, to final design.  For more information about that, we viewed a Tarzan video, click here to view the youtube video.

Also, please take note that while the Design For Media class may be online on Tuesdays, our production will NOT be.  We will plan to meet as a team EVERY tuesday at 9AM!  Don’t forget!

Regards to the story/plot, we would like people to create their own thumbnails for how they imagined the story would progress and on Tuesday (10.9.12) you would pitch your idea to the team and we’ll take the best combinations.

These are the assignments due Tuesday for each department:

Story - thumbnails, prepare to pitch scenes
Character/Animators - play with characters and sketch, sketch, sketch!
Background/Colour - have some concepts, location, and background sketches
Documentary - locate equipment, prepare to document next week
Branding - do some sketches and colour designs
Secretary - kick off blog and facebook

If we need to contact one another between meeting meeting times, all of the blogs are listed on the side of the production blog’s page.  There is also a facebook group for any other needs.

Have a good weekend, and work hard.

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