Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Personal Assignments

People have been asking what they need to be doing.  So in case you needed to know, I have fleshed it all out for you.  Please find your name.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your head or even all mighty Director Emma.

Aaron Lappin

You are a background artist.  Your job is to create the backgrounds.  This includes all the themed rooms.  Such as Facebook, and DeviantArt, etc.  You are also required to create the settings of the hallways, along with the computer lab the girl is working in.

Alexa McDonald

You are an animator.  You’re tasked with creating the rough animations that are very important.  The scenes that you have to work on are scene 9 (she crosses the hallway to the email door) and 11 (the girl runs down the hallway).  Once you are done roughing out these scenes they need to be coloured for the final animation.

Anthony George

You are a character designer and animator.  As of now, your work in character design is pretty much over considering that we have our characters created.  Thank you for that.  If the background artists need assistance, please help them.   As an animator, you’ve been tasked with scenes 4 (troll awakens on the screen) , 5 (the girl is pulled into the internet and awakens in photoshop) , and 6 (she quits photoshop and chases the troll to Facebook).  Once you are done with these scenes, we need you to do clean-up on them as well.

Chay Ruby

You have multiple roles.  You are a character designer, background artist, animator, and work in the branding area of the film.  Your work in character design is finished and you have been very helpful.  As a background artist, we need you to create the backgrounds for the worlds that inhabit the animation, including the computer labs as well as the internet rooms and hallways.  Afterwards, we would need you to help colour in the animations.  You have also been working in branding, which means to create the colour scripts for the scenes that happen in the animation.

Christine Pear

You are the secretary and an animator.  Your job is to take notes regarding each meeting and to assist the director and heads in any way that they need.  You must maintain a weekly recap for everyone on the project in the blog.   You are now working in creating the credits of the project’s piece.  Also, when we near the end of the project, to add colour to the animations.

Cody Scites

You work in story, character designer, and animator.  The works you have contributed in story and character designer have been a help to this project, but those tasks are finished and now you are working on scene 18 (the girl wakes up on the computer screen, draws the good idea on the computer and leaves and we see the good idea) of the animation.  You should be working on this, and once finished, should do the clean up and the colouring of the animations.

Colin Wendt

You are working in branding, as well as in the documentary crew.  In branding, we need you to create the logo, which you have done so, and the colour script for the animation.  Meanwhile, we also need you to take photographs and videos of the crew as they work and at the end help create a making-of video once the project is complete.  Also, near the end, you have also been assigned to possibly make a movie poster for the animation.  You have the last three meeting days to work on that.

Cristina Feret

You were working in story and now you working to create the credits of the animation as well as work on colouring the final animation scenes.  You’re work with the story has been helpful and we thank you for your work.  The last three class periods should be used to colour the animations, until then, please work on the credits.

Elizabeth Gollihue

You are in the documentary crew.  You’re tasked with taking photos and videos of the crew.  Along with that, you must accumulate the footage and help create a making-of documentary with the other members of the crew.

Emma Pennington

You are the director.  You make things happen.  You will assist people who need assisting, such as helping in the animation of your project.  You also task others in what they need to be doing and overall run the show.  You have been assigned scenes 7 (Facebook is the party with the duck face girls), 8 (the girl awkwardly back away from Facebook), 10 (emails explode out of the room onto the girl.  She picks up a paper that says she’s a winner), 12 (She chooses between the hallways and heads down the hallway not leading to Tumblr), and 16 (the girl has a moment with the good idea, but then the shadow looms as the good idea sees the bad idea behind her).

Katie Fuchs

You are an animator.  You’ve been assigned to work on scenes 13 (the new, better idea starts to trail behind the girl), 14 (the girl gets to the next door and the idea is getting bigger.  The girl then opens the door), and 15 (The girl enters the Deviant Art room, she goes through it and finally notices the good idea).  Once you are done with those scenes we need you to help colour.

Lauren Foster

You are a documentary crewmember.  Your job is to take photos and videos of the crew as they work and assemble them, with your crewmembers into the making-of documentary to finish the project.

Niccole Hagelstein

You are the documentary director.  You’re responsible for the documentary crew and making sure they are doing what they need to be doing.  Also note that you are helping the crew in accumulating images and video that will be made into a making-of documentary.  The director and heads may consult you on the progress you and your team have been making within the documentary.

Palmer Pattison

You are the sound/editing man.  You are tasked with creating the sounds for the animation, whether it is duck noises or gasps, etc.   Once we have finished the animation, it is your job to edit it all together and add the finishing touches.

Renée Taylor

You are the head of Editorial.  You maintain the blog, organize meetings, and report to the director.  You have also been assigned to research into festivals, work on the music email (email the person who made the use to check if it's okay to use), watermarks, and do clean up on the animations that have been roughed out and add colour to them.

Sidney Lane

You are a part of the story and character design teams.  You’ve helped create the story and the characters, thank you.  As of now, you have been tasked with a bit of branding and are making the character palettes.  Afterwards, you will help colour the animations.

Tara Nester

You are the head of Art Direction.   You’re in charge of the visual side, unite elements, and report to director when help is needed.  You have also been given scene 1 (typing on the keyboard), 2 (steady walk cycle), 3 (Monitor gestures that its time to leave), and 17 (the bad idea eats the girl) for animating.  Once finished, please work on the clean up of the scenes.

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