Monday, October 22, 2012

Thursday 10.18.12 Recap

Alright guys, last Thursday, we worked.  Yay!  And we want to keep working!  We'll continue working on our roughs, hopefully finishing some of those so they can be cleaned up.

Everyone should know what they're doing.  If not, you can consult this image.

Next Thursday we'll be having donuts!  So please, everyone donate a dollar to the donuts fund, otherwise none for you.

You guys have been working real hard, and you're awesome for that.

Don't forget to back up all your files to the dropbox!

We'll most likely be having a video reel of what we have accumulated so far along the lines of the animation on Tuesday.

Also, as a heads up, we may be meeting during this upcoming weekend.  It all depends on how much we have done, so just as another remind, keep working! :)

We'll see you tomorrow!

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